We want you to know that you actually own all the sotware you paid for.
Developers will give you everything you need but sometimes they forget some things.
This website aims to make it easy for you to check what you own and what you still need to get from your team.`

No information ever gets sent to ourselves or any other. There's no cookies. No Tracking.
At the end you'll have a report you can print. You can't share it on social media and it won't be sent to me.
But if you print it you'll have a report you can use with investors and other members of your amazing team.

Confirm Stack (C#, Java, React, Angular, Xamarin, Unity Usually a couple of them)

Source Code Git Repo (Github, Gitlab, BitBucket, Maybe zip file):

Database Connection String (or Server and Service):

Have an iPhone app? Itunes Connect login (for iPhone App) and the "developer" shows your company's name:
Skip if you don't

Have an Android App? Google Play login (for Android App) and the "developer" shows your company's name::
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Do your customers get emails or pop ups on their mobile when something happens on your service?
Notification Service or Keys (one for every enviroment)::
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Do you have Social Logins (Login with Facebook?) or Integration with any social media?
Confirm any social login keys and account logins:
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Do you have software on AWS? Azure? Firebase? Godaddy?
Confirm cloud login (maybe other third party like firebase)

Do you have secret keys that are NOT available in your code (source code) or by the developers but are only kept up on the server?
Confirm Server Secrets (keys not in source code)